1 Gram - Emily Riedel's Real Bering Sea Gold Flakes
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1 Gram - Emily Riedel's Real Bering Sea Gold Flakes

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Emily Riedel here!

Natural placer gold from the Bering Sea is often only available for sale to locals in Nome, Alaska. It's hard for people around the country to get their hands on it, though many have tried.

I'm offering folks the opportunity to buy the gold straight from my sluice box so they can build their own gold empire along with me. It's never been available for sale before - until now!

Experience a taste of the hardship and the rewards of diving for gold in the Bering Sea with this real placer gold mined and panned by my crew of the Eroica as seen on Bering Sea Gold on Discovery.

The gold in our sluice box ranges anywhere from fine flour gold to 10# and larger! We do not guarantee certain sizes of gold in our orders, only that it is guaranteed to be exactly the stuff we pull out of the Eroica's sluice box.

This gold comes in a small glass vial, so it's already clean and ready to admire.

Want a better deal? If you buy more gold you'll get a better price per gram! Shop other quantities:

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This is NOT paydirt. If you're looking for gold paydirt you can pan at home then click here!

Gold from the Bering Sea is one of the purest placer deposits in the world, consistently averaging >90% pure gold. Click here to learn more about gold purity.

Here's what comes in your package:

- 1 gram of real Bering Sea gold from the Eroica's sluice box

- Certificate of authenticity from Emily Riedel

- 3.5" Bering Sea Paydirt waterproof vinyl decal

- Extra 4" waterproof vinyl decal from our store

- Glass vial to hold your treasure


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