Paydirt Bundle
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Paydirt Bundle

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Buy the Eroica Paydirt and Diver Dirt together and save!

Get 3 grams of real Bering Sea Gold guaranteed!

Eroica Paydirt: 2 grams of gold guaranteed. 

Diver Dirt: 1 gram of gold guaranteed.

Both are certified dredged by Emily Riedel and crew on the M/V Eroica!

Each bag comes with a certificate of authenticity, a glass vial to store your gold, as well as a Bering Sea Paydirt logo vinyl decal and another 4" decal randomly selected from our inventory! 

It's the perfect gift for a fan of the show or you can pan it yourself as you watch BSG!

The gold we dredge out of the Bering Sea is often fine, but we've screened it to only include pieces larger than 30 mesh to make panning more fun! "Pickers" and larger pieces found occasionally.

The bags will weigh 6-7oz. The sands and gravels of the Bering Sea contain several different types of heavy minerals including magnetite and garnet, and are tons of fun to pan!

*Gold in pictures may not reflect actual gold in bag

What do you need to pan for gold? (From Amazon Prime)

You need 1 gold pan. We recommend either the Stansport 10" (perfect for paydirt bags) or the 15" Minelab Pro Pan (great for paydirt and big enough for outdoor prospecting trips).

You also need a snuffer bottle. We love the Garrett Gold Guzzler.

These things are not needs, but are nice to have:

- Pen magnet to help remove magnetite

- Mini-classifier (10-20 mesh) to separate sizes of dirt

How to pan for gold


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