Gold Cube with Banker Turbocharged with Dream Mat
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Gold Cube with Banker Turbocharged with Dream Mat

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Gold Cube with Banker Turbocharged with Dream Mat!

4x combinations w/ regular banker 3/16" screen

2x combinations w/  3/8" screen for EXTRA nuggets & gem stones!

This Cube stack was customer driven w/ fine gold & gem stones in mind. Add an extra 3/8" screen & 2000 gph pump you can now truly high-bank w/ your cube! And get it ALL Big & Small!

When your done banking use the smaller banker screen & turn down the water w/ control valve & do your clean up! its like have 2 units all in one! High-banker & clean up system! 2x control valves also let you control your flow easily.

The larger screen will let you collect your nuggets & gemstones. The 2x Dream Mat mini mats will easily handle the material. While the upper micro mats catch the uber fine gold.

You will easily see why customers been asking for this for a long time! GET MORE & GET IT ALL, Big & Small!

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